Pyra Vaastu

The word 'Pyramid' is a Greek term which is formed from two words - pyra and mid. While 'pyra' stands for fire, the universal life energy or cosmic force, the word 'mid' denotes middle or center core. Built in Egypt centuries ago, the mystery of pyramids baffled human minds for a long time. However, after much research and investigation, it has been deciphered that pyramids were essentially constructed to harness the cosmic energies. These cosmic energies in turn kept the interiors of the pyramid fresh and energized. The power of pyramids has been put to use in various sectors such as vaastu, astrology, color therapy, spiritual meditation and medical healing.

A unique revolutionary solution, Pyramid Vastu combines time-tested concepts of ancient wisdom with the new age approach. It balances the electromagnetic field of the human aura, thereby harmonizing mind, body, spirit and environment. If a person successfully boosts up the standing columnar wave (SCW) of the chakra energy, his/her mind would surely be filled with positive thoughts. Activated pyramid vastu kit if placed strategically assures health, wealth and prosperity. Another major advantage of pyramid is that it corrects the defects without physically altering, shifting or breaking any house, office, shop, factory, sick unit or corporate house.

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